Its easy and no cost to you! We just need your name and email. Click the blue "Rewards Program" tab located on the bottom right corner of our webpage to get started.


Earn 1 point for every dollar spent online. (sorry at this time we can't track points for purchases made at pop-up events!) Earn even more on BONUS points days!

There are more ways to earn too by liking and sharing our business on Facebook and following us on Instagram

You can also earn MEGA points by referring your friends to our store! You get 250 points every time you refer a NEW customer to our store when they checkout using your link. Your friend will also get 10% off their first purchase. Its a win win! Need help finding your referral link? Send us a message on Facebook  STAT!

From time to time we have DOUBLE and TRIPLE POINT sales on our website! This means you can earn up to triple the amount of points for every $1 spent. <3

For every 250 points redeemed, you'll get $10 off any purchase! Redeem up to 500 points at a time. 

Redeem your points by entering your discount code at checkout. These reward points may be used for ANY online purchase when you manually checkout on our website.*

Detailed visual instructions can be found by clicking here.

*Terms and agreements: Reward point offers may not be combined with any other offer. At this time coupons of any kind may be not be applied to invoiced orders sent via email for orders placed in our VIP group. You can however use them when you yourself manually place an order on our website. Reward Points or other coupons may not be used on pre-order items. Reward points expire after one year.