Founded in July of 2014, Forget Me Not Boutique is well on its way to becoming a household name across our great state! We strive to offer a variety of clothing 
and accessories at approachable prices. With boutique representatives  located in both Palmer and Anchorage, free shipping for our locals, and clothing for every body type,  we hope to keep all of our amazing customers looking unforgettable! 

Originally,  we started as a little group that sold cute clothes on facebook to our friends. But now, our new website is up and running, and we could not be more excited! We do not currently have a storefront, but hope to open one in the near future. We were Alaska's FIRST locally owned Facebook boutique shopping group. 

We want to personally say THANK YOU to our customers that have shopped with us since day one. Without you ladies, this boutique would only be a figment of Emily''s imagination.

Our little facebook group is still up and running today. We will use that platform to keep connecting with our lovely customers. If you haven't checked it out, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! By being a VIP group member, you have first access to sales, new arrivals and special offers. Check it out HERE. 


With a background in market research, business administration and a love for fashion, Emily Hawks formed the idea of Forget Me Not Boutique. With $1,000 in her pocket and a savvy, go-getter mind set, she was able to set the plans to build her dream boutique.  After countless hours of research, flops, wins, and fails, Emily is ready to take Forget Me Not Boutique to the next level - this website. Whats next you ask? One day, we will open a store. One day... 

Once again, we would like to re-iterate how much we APPRECIATE YOU, our customers. You have all become our biggest cheerleaders! The camaraderie witnessed among our clients is unparalleled.  Friendships have grown and blossomed. Without you, we have no boutique.  Diana and Emily love hearing about your babies, your husbands, your life. We love that one of our dresses made you feel beautiful and fearless on a first date. We love that you nailed your job interview wearing one of our blazers. We love you! We will remain your biggest cheerleader in this crazy life too.  

The mission of our company is to empower women. Like the late Alexander Mcqueen, we want people to be afraid of the women we dress. We want you to command respect when you walk into a room. We want you to exude confidence. Upon your departure from that room, we want your presence to be unforgettable. 

But, the only way we can do that, is if YOU understand your importance, self worth and truely L-O-V-E yourself. Clothing does not make a woman. Clothing only accentuates the beauty that is already there and sometimes, helps us to discover what we didn't know existed. 

We are humbly honored to dress women that are already beautiful on the inside. At the end of the day, our only wish is to see our clients smiling with confidence. 

Now go ahead, get out there and be unforgettable.

Emily Hawks, Owner and
Photo Credit: AlaskanGypsy Co,