Be Unforgettable – Forget Me Not Boutique

The mission of our company is to empower women. Like the late Alexander Mcqueen, we want people to be afraid of the women we dress. We want you to command respect when you walk into a room. We want you to exude confidence. Upon your departure from that room, we want your presence to be unforgettable. 

But, the only way we can do that, is if YOU understand your importance, self worth and truely L-O-V-E yourself. Clothing does not make a woman. Clothing only accentuates the beauty that is already there and sometimes, helps us to discover what we didn't know existed. 

We are humbly honored to dress women that are already beautiful on the inside. At the end of the day, our only wish is to see our clients smiling with confidence. 

Now go ahead, get out there and be unforgettable.

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