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We Appreciate You. We appreciate the heck out of you!

We Appreciate You. We appreciate the heck out of you!

Let me start off first by saying, WOW! We've had three amazing years of ups and downs, but FINALLY, I think its safe to say, we have figured this gig out. If you've been our customer since day one, BLESS your soul for sticking it out with us! Thank you for supporting this little business and for being a loyal customer. You are the real MVP. 

We started out as a little facebook group that ran PRE-ORDERS ONLY! We didn't have a fancy website, we used Paypal! OH AND - parking lot pickups. We used to drive all over town and meet you guys at random spots. Part of me misses this, as now I don't see everyone's beautiful face on Saturday. However now I don't have to change my oil as often. HA! Do you ladies remember that? We had to pre-sell 6 of an item before it could be ordered, and now? NOW WE STOCK ALL THE THINGS! Plus, we offer FREE shipping! And pre-orders? Well, those are now reserved for special, high demand GIVE IT TO ME NOW items. (cough doublehood sweatshirts)

Lets take a trip back in time...
Who remembers our original logo? Circa 2014 girls!

and then?
then there was THIS beauty that our friends at Stone Designs LLC drafted up back in 2015! (check her out here)

Now we have this beauty! Kelsey Stone once again hooked us up with this BEAUTIFUL logo, and she's here to stay!

If you have the itch to start your own business, I am LIVING breathing proof, that with sweat equity, blood, tears, elbow grease and endless nights, that anything is possible! I am no one special. I don't have the recipe to the secret sauce. Trial, error and a bit of luck has gotten this little dream to where we are today. I am HUMBLED (but also proud) to have gotten this far, and sometimes, I wonder when my good luck will run out. We are constantly changing things up, adapting and will continue to grow. If you ever hear me say "hold my wine, watch this", just know that amazingness is coming (hopefully). 

It has been our absolute privilege to watch each of you grow with us. Over the years we have seen you get engaged and later married, make BEAUTIFUL babies and send them off to pre-k, We see you when you're having a bad day and good ones too. We see you finishing school, moving to a new home and at the grocery store too. We see you living your life, and we adore you. The comradery and friendship present with our little boutique community is unparalleled.  We are so LUCKY to have you. We appreciate you. We appreciate the HECK out of you! THANK YOU for being YOU.

I also owe a huge THANK YOU and pat on the back to my friends and family who have supported me through all of this. You know who you are. From helping me with the boys, to working booths with me and helping me stay organized, I could literally NOT have done this without you. "Love you long time." 

SO, enough with the heavy. Lets get on to the MOST EPIC GIVEAWAY we've ever done! This is our BIG FAT THANK YOU for three amazing years of business and friendship. 

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August 30, 2017 by Emily Hawks
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Post a picture on Instagram showcasing your best Forget Me Not Boutique look for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card. The winner will also be featured on our social media & website and be seen by thousands of fans! Use the hashtag #FMNBsquad. Follow us @forgetmenotboutique
August 04, 2017 by Emily Hawks

Be Unforgettable

The mission of our company is to empower women. Like the late Alexander Mcqueen, we want people to be afraid of the women we dress. We want you to command respect when you walk into a room. We want you to exude confidence. Upon your departure from that room, we want your presence to be unforgettable. 

But, the only way we can do that, is if YOU understand your importance, self worth and truely L-O-V-E yourself. Clothing does not make a woman. Clothing only accentuates the beauty that is already there and sometimes, helps us to discover what we didn't know existed. 

We are humbly honored to dress women that are already beautiful on the inside. At the end of the day, our only wish is to see our clients smiling with confidence. 

Now go ahead, get out there and be unforgettable.

August 09, 2015 by Emily Hawks